About Strebor

Colourful, comfortable, quirky, individual and inclusive!

Strebor is the answer for your unique fashion quest.  Each print derives from an original artwork which is then digitally printed and manufactured into our distinctive garments. Bold and eccentric prints from original limited release Strebor artworks means that they are truly exclusive!

A small fashion brand running out of Adelaide and Darwin, Strebor aims to create fashion that will capture your attention. Strebor is a label with strong and independent women in mind so you can be sure to find the right garment for your personality. With a range of bright, bold and colourful scarves, headbands and clothing from sizes 8-20, there is something here for your individual fashion needs. Capturing the imagination and taking you on a whimsical journey through fashion, Strebor is synonymous with being bold and colourful.

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saving the world one parcel at a time

Compostable mailers

HEROPACKS are made of corn starch and cassava roots. They break down in 90 days in a compostable environment and leave no waste or toxins behind. Simply throw it into a compost bin and the bag will turn into yummy food for the worms and become nutrients-rich fertiliser for your garden.


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